DUCKWRTH Lists His Go-To Jewelry Pieces

DUCKWRTH Lists His Go-To Jewelry Pieces

Duckwrth is a gem in the music industry, creating what he calls “soul rhythm.” Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter is heavily influenced by old school music, from Marvin Gaye to Stevie Wonder to Snoop Dogg. When it comes to his sound, he’s always putting out music that will have you dancing and moving — while touching your soul.

Most recently, he released his debut album SuperGood, via Republic Records. The 16-track project speaks volumes to the current times, as we’re all itching for the world to open back up. Luckily, Duck is working on his virtual live performance to hold fans over until the real deal.

Rocking orange hair and multiple necklaces and rings, Duckwrth spoke to King Ice about his go-to accessories and where he got them.

What are your go-to accessories for jewelry?

It depends. I got this specific piece [shows necklace] from a metal worker in Venice, he does metal awnings and signs. He was making some small things. This other piece is from a random jewelry store in Boston. This piece is from a designer in Paris, he makes these random shapes. This piece is from Alexander McQueen when I first went to Milan. They had a cool store out there, but I’ve never spent this much for a piece of jewelry. [laughs]

How much was it?

This one was $700, but this is a person who didn’t spend $100 on shoes.

Do you wear it every day?

No, I actually just started wearing it again. I wore it for the first few months I had it, then I stopped wearing it. I go back and forth with jewelry. I’ll wear something, then stop for whatever reason. It has to do with the shape or how I’m feeling. I’ve been wearing hoops for the past month or 2, then I went over to these smaller ones. My hair changed. My hair’s colorful and I had the big hoops, I felt I was doing too much. If my hair’s black, I could have more fun with my ears. I don’t like to have on too much. Then again, I also have a dragon [shows ear piece]. It depends on my mood, the shape, if I feel like I’m doing too much. I like to do enough, but not too much.

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