FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

Photo Credit: Nathan James

is a jack of all trades. From producing some of hip-hop’s biggest hits (Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain,” Travis Scott’s “R.I.P. Screw,” Post Malone’s “White Iverson) to putting out his own music as an artist, the Atlanta native lives in the studio. If you’ve heard his Good Gas EPs, you already know the type of vibe he’s on: nothing but pure bangers.

Most recently, 1$T tapped back into his African roots and teamed up with Kenya superstar Victoria Kimani for an entire project titled Afreaka. The blend of 2 cultures from Africa to Atlanta is the collab project we always wanted.

King Ice caught up with 1$T via Instagram Live to discuss his chain and wearing diamond at all times.

Talk about your jewelry preferences, what chain you got on?

Keeping it light today. I have Angel City Jewelers from my homie. I have the angel on me, my favorite number is 13. I decided to put them together. The little ring, I keep it light. You can see it, but I keep it light. 

I hate when… you ever listen to a rapper. They come to your studio, you’re interviewing them and they ain’t got no jewelry on? “Hey, you told me about all these diamonds. What happened to them?” 

Some people be chillin’ at the crib during quarantine...

Quarantine can’t hold my diamonds back! I don’t give a fuck. [laughs] I’m rocking them everyday. Fuck the quarantine, they’re going to see these. 


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