Inayah is far more than just a social media star, she’s a musician in her own right. Boasting 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone, the singer-songwriter is here to bring back those feel-good, nostalgic R&B vibes we all know, love, and cherish. Exploding onto the scene with her record “Best Thing,” which was directly inspired by real-life heartbreak, Inayah continues to work hard in perfecting her craft — pregnant belly and all.

Most recently, Inayah unleashed the official music video for “Fallin,” directed by the legendary Alfredo Flores (Ariana Grande). Still continuing her independent journey with EMPIRE Records, Inayah is excited as ever to be readying her forthcoming album. 

When it comes to her fashion style, she prefers cute and comfortable — but still flashy and matchy. King Ice caught up with Inayah via Instagram Live to discuss her go-to jewelry accessories and her most expensive piece.

What are your go-to for jewelry accessories? 

Okay now that’s different. I got to have the jewelery. It's got to be blinging, pretty, eye-catching, and complementing. It's got to have the shine. No matter where it comes from, it has to have that shine.  

What’s most expensive piece of jewelery you own? 

Damn. See when we say jewelry, we talking accessories too? Like shades? I’ma have to say my Louis Vuitton Shades. But then I got a Coach watch too, that one was $1100. That’s the most I ever spent on a piece of jewelry. I actually felt convicted after I bought it. 


Because I usually don't spend that type of money on clothing and accessories, but you know my tax bracket is a little different now. So... [laughs] If I work hard for it, then I'll buy it. Probably my Coach watch, that one was $1100. 

Was it a celebration for anything or you just wanted it?

No, it was a “you deserve this gift” and I bought it. I love it. 



May 04, 2021 — Shirley Ju
Tags: News