Jose Guapo Breaks Down his XVL Chain

Jose Guapo Breaks Down his XVL Chain

Jose Guapo literally runs it up, in his music and his lifestyle. When you have any form of the word ‘money’ in your name, you’re walking around like a million bucks. Hailing from Atlanta and getting his breakout moment with the release of 2015’s “Run It Up,” which featured Takeoff from the Migos and YFN Lucci, Guapo continues to bless fans with street anthems chock full of nothing but the real.

After stints with both Street Execs and Quality Control (management), Guapo has been enjoying the independent route — being his own CEO and running his own plays. Most recently, he went viral during an interview when hit with the word “simultaneously,” yielding a reaction that was damn near priceless. 

King Ice caught up with Jose in downtown Los Angeles to break down the ice around his neck.

Your reaction when you got your YRN chain?

It wasn't really no reaction. When you loyal, in my eyes you’re supposed to get gifted for that. It is what it is. This shit represents loyalty, nothing but loyalty. What I represent as far as me and what I stand for, my morals and values. A n*gga knows I'm loyal and will still forever be loyal, that’s all that is. 

How much did it cost?

$4K for YRN chain, $12K for the Cuban link.

What about your XVL chain?

Everybody be getting it twisted, it’s cool because XXL stays watching my Stories. XVL is actually my company, my brand. I came up with it, it’s me and my brothers. Like I told you all on “Run It Up,” “all my n*ggas is one.” We treated the same, we all alphas. XVL stand for together for life and extravagant living. Everything we do, we do it the extravagant way. We’re doing it the extraordinary way. It's the opposite of normal, colossal. This shit’s bigger than Donald Trump.

How much is your XVL chain?

This is  $17K, just the pendent alone. This is old, I have a new one getting made right now. 2021 when they finally let the world back to how it used to be, if it ever does, I'm already going to have my kit ready to pop out. I’m going on my proper press run.

How much is your pinky ring?

Not going to lie, I'm intoxicated right now. I don't want to give you no wrong numbers. It’s a Cartier bracelet too. I’m not a n*gga who’s gon’ come out here and cap, calling me about my bullshit.

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