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LaTruth is exactly what his name implies: The Truth. Having been in the music industry for 15 plus years, the North Carolina-bred, Atlanta-based recording artist has been grinding since he was a kid. From a place where competition is at an all-time high, LaTruth did what he needed to do to get on top: which includes chasing his dreams and turning them into a reality.

Now, the rapper, singer, entrepreneur, and husband releases his newest single titled “Drop It Low,” inspired directly by his loving wife. In addition to this dance challenge going up, he linked with the legendary Snoop Dogg for a banger titled “Don’t Disrespect.” Boasting 971K followers on Instagram alone, LaTruth paves the way for aspiring artists and social media stars to also success, giving the advice, hope, and resources.

King Ice caught up with LaTruth via Instagram Live, who discussed his love for fashion and jewelry, and why he won’t reveal the cost of his chain.

What’s your love for fashion? 

I love it man, fashion is everything. Gotta stay dripped in something nice. I like different colors like the Miami hat, it's a dope color. I had to match that up with the J’s. Fashion is what it is. 

Go-to jewelry accessories?

Yeah, I have a few watches. The Rolex. I have a couple set ups going on, a couple of chains. I have my LaTruth chain as well, but I don’t have it on right now. 

What does that say?

It’s the last supper table. 

How much is that guy?

Man, you can’t get on here telling people how much jewelry costs. You have people mad at you and all types of stuff. [laughs]



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