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Mikey Polo: The Best Artist in the World Right Now

Mikey Polo describes himself as the “best artist in the world right now,” alongside his bro Trippie Redd. While living with Trippie and being part of his 1400 Gang is a ball in itself, Mikey has his own movement: Emo Gang.

Mikey is a walking ball of light, decked out in face tates, vibrant colors, and he loves skinny jeans. When it comes to his sound, “emo-slime” is the best description. Most recently, the 25-year-old was able to travel overseas to Europe with Trippie, but the Coronavirus pandemic shut everything down.

King Ice caught up with Mikey in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his love for chains and why he never takes them off.


mikey polo


Talk about all your chains you got on.

I don’t got ‘em all on. I got the RR, it stands for Real Right. It looks like the Rolls Royce symbol but it has the swords at the bottom. Everybody who knows me knows what Real Right stands for. I got the TRAP: take risks and prosper. This right here is the skeleton, I used the skeleton mold. I like skeletons, I can't help it. Skulls are my favorite.

Do you always wear those chains?

Yeah, I pretty much don't take them off ever. I shower with them, go to sleep with them, all that. If you can’t shower with your chains on, then you’re a bum. That's how I look at it. If you’re a rapper and you want to wear diamonds, if you can’t get in the pool and you can't get in the shower with your chain on, your neck’s going to turn green.

What about when you’re making love?

I fuck with my chains on. I definitely do, trust me. I fuck with the ring on, the chains on, everything. I say it in my music, “I fuck her with my chain on.” Sometimes she wants see the ice glistening while you’re looking up, you never know. [laughs]



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