Polo G’s Goat Chain Cost $100K

Polo G’s Goat Chain Cost $100K

Polo G is one of the hardest rappers in the music industry, period! The Chicago native first exploded onto the scene with his breakout single “Finer Things,” and has since catapulted to the forefront of the mainstream light. If you’re a day one Polo fan, you already know what kind of energy he’s on. This is pain music at its finest.

Most recently, Polo unleashed his new album titled THE GOAT, paying tribute to his favorite rapper of all-time, Tupac. Not only is this project a masterpiece, but it went Gold instantly and has amassed over one billion streams.

King Ice caught up with Polo G at his Stream LIVE performance in Hollywood, who was rocking 4 iced out chains around his neck.

How many chains do you have on right now? 

I got 4 of them bitches on. My favorite one is my new one, this from my record label. [shows chain] It got me rocking in the middle of that bitch, it’s like an NBA logo.

Which one was the most expensive? 

My GOAT one, but I don’t really be paying that much for the chains. I don’t like spending frivolous money. My GOAT chain was around $100K something, I got it after the album dropped.



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