Rah Swish Blows Big Bags In Los Angeles

Rah Swish Blows Big Bags In Los Angeles

Rah Swish Blows Big Bags In Los Angeles

Rah Swish is making sure Pop Smoke’s legacy lives on forever. When it comes to The Woo, he describes it as a lifestyle. This isn’t just one person, it’s the whole gang — coming from the struggle coming up in Brooklyn, New York. As one of the hottest new artists out of the Brooklyn drill scene, Rah represents The Woo in the most positive light.

Most recently, he blessed fans with WOO Forever, spearheaded by “Feel Like Pop” which pays tribute to his late friend. He also released his short film BK Belly (or #WOOVIE), inspired by  Hype Williams' 1998 classic Belly.

King Ice caught up with Rah Swish in downtown Los Angeles, who was rocking a fire, iced out Rah Swish chain around his neck.

Talk about your drip real quick. Do you like fashion?

Yeah I like fashion. I’m mad a lot of the malls are shut down, the stores are closing early. I wanted to shop just now. 

You can probably blow hella bags in LA.

Yeah, they getting me with my money out here. I bought this Amiri jacket for $1800, I haven’t worn this shit it’s so nice. [laughs] I was really in there originally to get some Dior runners, but I copped that shit quick. I’m open with designers so I do whatever I like. Right now, I seen some Bravado jeans that I like so I’m fucking with them. 

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

My Rah Swish chain, my first custom piece. I appreciate it. My birthday’s coming up, so I’m about to get right. I‘m about to go to the jewelers and spend a lot of money. 

What watch do you want to get? 

I already put my order in for my watch. Not gonna speak on it too much because when it drops, they gon’ say “I know what Rah getting, we gon’ go get the watch.” Nah, we gon’ wait. A chain, a watch, a couple rings. For the watch, I’ma do the Cuban bracelet. It’s gon be a lot of money spent on jewelry.

How much is your Rah Swish chain? 

It’s around $40K. A little over $40K, but we gon’ go down to $40.




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