Smoke DZA: Double Up. Got 3 Chains 🥇🥈🥉

Smoke DZA: Double Up. Got 3 Chains 🥇🥈🥉

Smoke DZA could care less about the industry, he just makes music because he loves it. Hailing from New York, the East Coast spitter grew up to the likes of Jay Z and Biggie — proving he likes to rap rap. This means gritty bars, punchlines, and flows over smoothed out production. His name is inspired of course, by the gas he smokes.

After a series of mixtapes and albums, he announces a forthcoming project with Curren$y, a fellow weed-loving rapper. Prestige Worldwide arrived on Black Friday this year. King Ice caught up with Smoke DZA in his few days in Los Angeles to chat about his chains, his legacy, and jewelry style.


What the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Maybe my Hulk Hogan pendant. I got a chain, it was an undisclosed amount. A lot of money.


I see you rocking Smokers Club. 

I own that brand. I’m a owner/co-founder of Smokers Club.

You got the double Smokers Club chains!. 

Had to double up. Got 3 chains!


Do you wear your Smokers Club chains at all times?

I switch it up. I have a lot of jewelry, but this is a cool little set right here. 


How would you describe your jewelry style?

Ambidextrous. I can go a lot of different ways. I can go either hand.


What hip hop label had the most iconic chain?

Roc-A-Fella, because Dame and Jay did it. They were the greatest combo ever, just their style. 


What do you want your legacy to be?

I’m still carving my legacy out as we speak. I want my legacy to be somebody who was indie, who did it his own way. And still got the major success as anybody that was a part of any system you could think of.


How would you define success?

I would define success with ownership. I own Smoke DZA. I own the Smokers Club. 


What can we expect next?

Tour, I’m going on the road with Spitta. I got the album coming top of the year, and another big collab project. I can’t say, but it’s more than one person. I would say it’s The Expendables.
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