Tadoe is an integral part of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang. Serving as Sosa’s direct cousin and frequent collaborator, the Chicago native hails a very dedicated fanbase, creating turn up bangers reminiscent of Chicago’s standout drill scene. For today’s generation of rappers, it was Sosa and Tadoe that serve as direct inspiration and influence to the current sound and trends.


Most recently, Tadoe released his newest album titled No Guts, No Glory, with Chief Keef producing about 75% of the project. With songs like “It’s Up,” “Get It Bussin” with Lil Yachty, and “CPR” featuring Chief Keef, Tadoe proves he’s continuing to push the gas pedal on all these artists’ necks.


King Ice caught up with Tadoe via Zoom to discuss why he doesn’t care for jewelry (as much) anymore, and how he lost his Plain Jane Patek.


Go-to pieces for jewelry?

I’ve got too much money to wear jewelry, I don’t care about jewelry no more. That’s when we first got in, I don’t care about jewelry no more like that. But I’m finna go get some new jewelry for the summer though, just to do it. I’ll probably spend $300K on jewelry real quick, get a couple chains. Watches, I really like watches. Chains and all that… I like watches. They hold value. I don’t care about jewelry, that ain’t exciting to me no more.


What’s your favorite watch?

Rolex, and a Patek. I like the Patek. I had ended up losing it on the plane. I left my Plain Jane on the plane, ain’t nobody robbed me. [laughs] I was sleep. I woke up, I thought I had it. Damn, I got off the plane, I’m like “where my watch at?” That was an expensive watch man, but I don’t care about no jewelry.


You fell asleep and woke up, it was gone? 

It was on my wrist. When I got on the plane, I’d took it off my wrist and set it on my lap because it was tight on my wrist. I was tired of wearing it. I had took it off, now it was on my lap. It fell on the floor but when it fell on the floor, I looked like “alright, I’ma get it.” I had my feet on it. I was so high, I ain’t even want to get it. I’m like “man, I’m finna get it. I’ma get it.” I end up dozing off and left my watch on the floor.



Shirley Ju
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