The Essentials: Must-Have Jewelry Pieces For Men

The Essentials: Must-Have Jewelry Pieces For Men

While women love their accessories, we shouldn’t downplay the essential importance they hold for men, as well. Despite the idea that there just isn’t a variety of styles available to men when it comes to jewelry, specifically, there are must-have pieces every man should own. 

 1) A Stylish Timepiece

Every man should have a stylish watch (or two). And we’re not talking about the smart device that’s connected to your iPhone, either. The perfect timepiece can truly complete a look - whether you’re sprucing up your every-day work fit or you're dressed down in your skinny jeans and flannel shirt. The right watch can do wonders.

 2) Make it Ring

Just because you don’t have a wedding band on doesn’t mean you can’t sport a ring or two. For men, the basic rule is one ring per hand. The bigger the ring, the better. Rings, like necklaces and bracelets, are what stylists consider a “context-based accessory,” which is meant to compliment the fit you're wearing.

3) Earrings

As a starting point, men tend to stick with the basic stud earring. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to this unwritten rule. Surprisingly enough, men, too can pull off bolder pieces that dangle or even smaller hoops.

4) Bracelets

A watch isn’t the only thing that can style up your wrist. For men, bracelets are doable as long as you stick to a couple rules. First, keep the design minimalistic as possible - a single or double leather strap, a metal cuff, or a basic metal chain. Secondly, try to refrain from charms, bangles or pendants for casual looks. However, these can be pulled off if you’re dressing up for a night out. 


Maria Myraine Yap
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