YSN Flow's $37,000 Chain 😱

YSN Flow's $37,000 Chain 😱

YSN Flow is 16 and walking around with a chain that could pay off your whip. But he hardly shows his age. The Cleveland Heights, Ohio rapper arrives extremely mature, poised, and dedicated. While most teenagers are playing video games, real name Kamron Ford is locked in the studio.

It was his viral single “Want Beef” featuring Bae Bae Savo that exploded his name to the forefront of everyone’s radar. Since then, he’s accumulated more streams than most adult artists in the game.

King Ice caught up with YSN Flow who was rocking an all-red fit with ice on his wrist.


How would you describe your style as it related to jewelry?

I like tight shit. My chain’s at the jewelry store right now out here, because the diamond fell out of it.





How did that happen?
Because I don’t take it off. I shower in it, sleep in it so the diamond fell out. 

How much is your chain?



How you got it like this?

Streams. I got 81 million streams. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On top. 



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