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How to

Mold and Fit your Grillz


What's up everybody welcome to King Ice instructional i'm Yanira and today we're talking grills, and I'm here to tell you how to get your grills lookin’ lit boy. Grills are always a good look for any trendsetter and big step are on and off the scene. Follow these easy steps to make sure your grills always look good. Fitting your grills is a very simple process, first you go to and order your fresh new grills.  Bend your new king ice grills to curve of your teeth, curve them like you curve the people at the club nice and easy. Next use a soft touch to bend out the hooks on the bottom backside of the grills a little. You know that part that fits over the back of your teeth that you don't really see. Now take the molding bar, the little white wax thing you were like what the fudge is that and put it inside the grill where your teeth would go. Just like that, just like that. Here's where it gets a little tricky and you need to be careful, get some hot almost but not quite boiling water in a cup bowl or any safe container. I'm talking like 165 to 175 degrees fahrenheit hot water use clean tweezers and put those fresh king ice grills and bar into the hot water. Do not I repeat do not use boiling water. Leave that bad boy in the water for a couple of minutes until the fixing bar turns clear, then use the tweezers to take the grills out of the water and shake off the water responsibly, do not I repeat do not use your hands. Finally it's money time put the grills on top of your teeth then slowly and gently push them into place. Once they've set over your teeth leave them there for a couple of minutes so the bar can harden into place if it does not fit right or you take them out too soon you might have to start from the top. Started from the bottom now we're here. Started from the hey-hey boom now you're ready to show the world at that new million-dollar smile from King Ice. oh so fire. For more information click the link below. This has been the King Ice instructional for grill fitting. I'm Yanira for all your icy needs, just go to You're welcome.