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Keep your jewelry from tarnishing


What's up everybody welcome to this king ice instructional i'm yanira and today we're talking about how to clean your King Ice jewelry so that you are always looking fresh and so clean when it comes to cleaning our King Ice Jewelry there are always do's and don'ts that we should all be aware of. First do not wash your King Ice jewelry with regular old soap and water. You should never use regular old soap and water on any Jewelry. The truth is soap and water is very abrasive and will tarnish the finish on any jewelry. The second don't is don't drown your king ice jewelry in water or keep it exposed to unnecessary moisture. The water wipes away the special shine that keeps king ice jewelry flossy it's called drip it don't need to drip so keep it dry don't be shy. Now for the do’s. Do use a king ice microfiber cloth daily on your drip to keep clean. The cloth is super soft to have special chemical components made exclusively for King ice jewelry don't use it on your face but do use it on your jewelry for sure, another do is when you store your products you definitely want to keep them in an official king ice storage case for the utmost longevity. The protective red lining and versatile compartments provide a shield against the elements for any other products you might have with compartments designed to hold rings earrings bracelets small pendants and large pendants this is definitely something you're not going to want to miss out on and you don't want to go home without it as well become one today to ensure those chains never see tarnish. well that is all for your do's and don'ts with your king ice jewelry. Take care of your king ice jewelry and your King ice Jewelry  will take care of you. This concludes the king ice instructional for cleaning and storage. I’m Yanira, thanks for watching and you're welcome and you're all welcome.

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