.925 sterling silver

.925 sterling silver


Hey, what’s up guys.

I’m Joshua and today we’re gonna be taking a look at some of King Ice’s sterling silver chains.
At king ice, we have some essential options in the way of sterling silver from our cuban chains
to our tennis chains. All of which are versatile everyday looks that are gonna work just about
anywhere, on just about anyone.

Silver, like gold, is an element in and of itself, being considered a precious metal as it is
extremely rare in nature. Because of this intrinsic value, gold and silver have been used as
currency for millenia, making them historically attractive options for any jewelry connoisseur.

King Ice pairs 14k gold and sterling silver to create a high end and durable finish on all
of our silver based chains.

But what is .925 sterling silver? And why is it better for jewelry than pure silver?

This is a good question.

Silver, in it’s purest form, is extremely malleable and when made into jewelry is very
likely to scratch, snag, or lose it’s form. Centuries ago to combat this softness, silver
was melted down with trace amounts of other metals such as zinc, to create a material
with a much stronger and more resilient finish than the pure silver form. The result is
.925 sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver. The silver we use in every one of these

So in summary, the reason why you should consider paying a premium for sterling
silver, is the intrinsic value of owning a piece composed of precious metals. The price of
gold and silver is indexed and retains a market value. Even now, as this video is being
made, the price of silver is $24 dollars and seventy cents per ounce and by the time you
receive your sterling silver chain, it may well have increased in price. Making a sterling
silver chain, not just a purchase, but an investment.

And as you can see. The quality shows, from the color, to the quality of the links, to the
strength of the chain and it’s clasps.

Matthew Robinson