Water and tarnish resistant chains

Water and tarnish resistant chains


Hey, what’s up guys.

I’m Joshua and today we’re gonna be taking a look at King Ice’s line of Water Resistant premium chains. These are your cubans, your ropes, your everyday essential pieces that go with every look, and every occasion.

Now what’s really cool about these chains, and this goes for all of the Cuban, Franco, Rope, and Figaro chains King Ice offers, for both men and women, Is that they’ve all been through a double bonded physical vapor deposition process. This PVD process is traditionally used in coating aerospace technology against high temperature engine turbine environments. Which translates to an insane level of durability in your chain.

This advanced anti-tarnish bonding technique is more than ten times stronger than traditional gold plating, and just like companies such as Rolex, we’ve chosen to use high quality stainless steel as our main base metal for its unparalleled endurance.

Now what this all means for you, is an extensively expanded lifespan on every one of these King Ice chains, with unmatched heavy use resistance to moisture, sweat, and chemicals. This impeccable craftsmanship, along with utilization of the newest advances in the field of jewelry have allowed us to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of these pieces.

If for any reason, this chain should tarnish for the duration of your whole life. You can go ahead and send it right back to us and king ice will replace it at no cost to you.

Lets recap, Water resistant, anti-tarnish, double bonded, heavy use tolerance, lifetime guarantee.
What more needs to be said?

Matthew Robinson