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If you’re not familiar with
112, you’re missing out on a whole lot of R&B. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the iconic 4-man band has established their name as one of the most legendary R&B groups to ever do it. Thanks to the help of Diddy who signed them to his Bad Boy Records imprint, the guys went on to create timeless smashes from “Only You” with Mase and Biggie to “Peaches & Cream,” and everything in between.

Fast forward to 2020, 112 is now spearheaded by Mike and Slim — both of whom have the ultimate goal of getting a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame. With their recent VERZUZ battle against Jagged Edge, which resulted in a win for 112, both recording artists continue to prove why they are the GOATs. Most recently, they released a “Spend It All” remix with Fat Man Scoop and 69 Boyz.

King Ice caught up with Mike and Slim via Zoom to discuss their most expensive piece of jewelry to date, and who had the most iconic hip-hop chains of all-time.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Mike: Ooh-wee. The most expensive thing I ever bought was a freakin’ engagement ring, and I’m not even with the girl no more. [laughs] That’s the most expensive piece of jewelry.

Slim: I’ve never been married or engaged but when I bought my chain, my watch, and a bracelet, I spent $130K. And about $300K for the whole team. If you see my M3 chain or anybody who walks around with it, that’s a $300K investment. 

What label had the most iconic chain?

Mike: Can I list 5? Bad Boy definitely, Death Row, Terror Squad, No Limit, Cash Money and So So Def. They had the most iconic, Cash Money definitely. I couldn’t give you one, I’m sorry. Gotta represent because we know these dudes. [laughs] 

Slim: I can be partial, my M3 chains are raw too. 

Mike: 112 chains were dope back in the day, we had the logos. Those were dope too.

Slim: We’re about to bring that bad boy back out, big chain records!



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