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Miles Brown is only 15 years old and already accomplishing what most people strive to their entire lives. You may have seen him for the past 7 years on Black-ish, but he’s actually so much more than just an actor. Getting his start dancing hip-hop choreography before landing his breakout role on television, Miles now celebrates the release of his debut album.

Aptly titled We The Future, the incredible body of work showcases Miles’ purpose with his voice, speaking up for not only this generation but the older generation and generations to come. Reeling in the legendary hip-hop legends such as Redman and Rakim on the intro track, Miles proves his talents as a rapper — reminding the masses that you don’t have to be boxed into any one thing.

King Ice caught up with Miles via Zoom to discuss his one valuable chain he got from Icebox in Atlanta.

Do you have any go-to jewelry accessories?

I mainly love shoes, that's one thing I love when it comes to doing stuff in my freetime. The only thing I really have is the chain, shout out Icebox for my chain. That's the only thing I went behind-the-scenes to buy. Besides that, it's clothes and shoes. Hopefully in the future, that's something I get into. 

How much was that chain?

I'm not going to get into that. [laughs] It wasn't even about that. I always loved my favorite artists getting something from there. I went to Atlanta for Wild N' Out, I had to go. I went with my TV sister Marsai, we both went there. I've always wanted to get something from there. I've always loved their YouTube videos, I always see the place. Me having that hard work from Black-ish for 6 years, I wanted to get something. I earned it, I can always say I got something from there. 

What does the chain say?

It doesn't say anything, it’s a normal chain I wanted to get. I didn't have anything specific I wanted to get from there. It wasn't a pendant, just a regular chain.



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