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Adrian Marcel: If I like it, if I see it, I want it. I don’t care who made it. 🔥🔥🔥

“It’s 2AM… I want it girl!” “2AM” by Adrian Marcel and Sage The Gemini will forever go down in history as a timeless hit. Hailing from Oakland and reppin’ all things Bay Area, Marcel loves music down to the core. Recently parting ways with his major label, the 29-year-old is geeked to embrace his newfound independence.

Most recently, Adrian unleashed his new album titled 98th, a testament to his hometown of Oakland. In addition, he played the real role in the The Bobby DeBarge Story, with acting being his next passion project.

King Ice caught up with Adrian to discuss his watch and rings, accessories he can’t leave the house without.

How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry?

I always keep some kind of watch on. I like gold, I like silver. I don’t have a preference. I wake up in the morning and grab whichever watch I see first. 


How many watches do you have?

I have about 9 watches that I fluctuate through. You know what’s crazy? I don’t even look at them for time, because you got your phone. It’s an accessory. Half the time, they probably don’t even tell the real time.


This was a gift, so I’m not sure. That’s another thing about me, I never buy jewelry based on the brand name. If I like it, if I see it, I want it. I don’t care who made it, just wrap it up. I wear hella rings. I wear different rings. What I do is I go to different pawn shops. I always go to different pawn shops whenever I’m out in different places. I always look for different shit. You always find some gold sometimes! I always tend to have some sort of ruby. If it were up to me, every finger would be covered. 


Are you spiritual at all?

Yeah. very much so. I have rosaries, etc. I’m a form Catholic I like to say, I don’t really believe in religion like that. That’s how I grew up. I’ve always had this thing where I had hella rosaries. I’ve actually calm down because I used to wear hella. But I love jewelry though. I just actually broke one of my bracelets, it was a hematite stone. I’m very into auras and chakras too


It’s very healing!

Exaactly. I just broke it, that’s why I feel so awkward. [chuckles] If I don’t have my jewelry on, if I don’t have a watch or my rings, then I feel I’m not complete. I’m not all the way dressed. Sometimes I’ll have my clothes on but I’m not dressed yet until I put the jewelry on. It’s a moment, that feeling of putting every single ring on.



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