Jackie Long:  I’ll wear an Apple watch before a Rolex 🍎⌚️

Jackie Long: I’ll wear an Apple watch before a Rolex 🍎⌚️

Jackie Long claims he’s a simple guy, who’s been killing it in the entertainment industry as a whole. You may have seen the Los Angeles actor on the big screen in movies such as ATL and The Comebacks, but he’s just getting started.


One of his standout roles to date include playing a battle rapper in Joseph Khan’s Bodied alongside Dumbfoundead. Most recently, the Pasadena native wrapped up shooting his new movie titled Never and Again. His current goal in the acting world is to obtain that final prize: the damn Oscar. 


King Ice caught up with Long to discuss his go-to gold necklace.


Talk about your fashion style as it relates to jewelry.

I’m a very simple guy when it comes to jewelry. I have all the flashy things but I always thought just being who you are yourself is enough. Growing up I’d like the big flashy stuff, the big chains, but I always was the dude who wanted the basics. The earrings because I thought “that’s cool for the dudes to have it too.” I always wanted studs. I had these earrings for damn near all my life. I like to wear a simple chain that I always wear. 

Jackie Long 

I have the big ones, but I like to wear a simple basic little chain with words that mean something to you. This one is ging which came up for marijuana. Ging tutu: my boys will always around kids and speaking ging talking about weed. “Ging, say ging!” It ended up being an adjective, verb, and noun. We use it for everything. Tutu is for the ladies. Of course, girls wear tutus. My boys and I will say “that’s a pretty tutu.”


Bracelets and watches, that’s it. I don’t too much of the outrageous, crazy stuff. I have a favorite chain, my first chain that I never fucking wear. It’s a JL chain that my boy Big-O from Pasadena designed for me. I had my boy Mike the Jeweler make the chain, but it’s my favorite. The most interesting thing about it is Mike the Jeweler put my actual signature on the back, for the airholes. 


I got my first pair of grillz from my boy Crimes Jewels. I always told myself I’d never buy a fucking grill, but now I got one in my mouth. Shout out to Crimes Jewels. Those are my only things, I wear them mostly everyday. If I have to, I got my Rolexes. But I’ll wear an Apple watch before a Rolex. It is what it is. I’m not a dude who likes that type of attention. I’d rather you say “I love the way you played that role, that was amazing.” That’s the attention I love. I don’t like the “your chain, your shoes.” Fuck your shoes, that’s nothing to me. If you tell me about what I did and how I did it,  then I know you were paying attention to me.



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