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Amina Shares Preference for Jewelry!

You may recognize Amina Buddafly from her role on Love & Hip Hop: New York, specifically her tumultuous relationship with Peter Gunz. Now, she’s free and still passionate more than ever about the one thing in life that never fails her: music.

Currently a mother to two beautiful children, Amina spends her waking hours perfecting her craft. At the core, she loves music, and is working towards that #1 song on the charts. Additionally, she has two books out called The Other Woman and Mi Dishes & More.

King Ice caught up with Amina to discuss her (lack of) preference for jewelry, while she was rocking large silver hoops.

Explain your style as it relates to jewelry.

Omg, I’m actually so not into jewelry. I don’t think I own anything expensive. Maybe my engagement ring that I don’t wear anymore. [chuckles] That’d be the only piece of jewelry I got. Really, I’m not at all about that. I like jewelry, but I was never really into it. I like to get gifts, but I’m not about buying things. 

Do you always wear hoops?
Nah, only these ones [points to ears]. I have a few different types, but hoops are definitely my style. I like the tiny, little ones. 


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