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Qveen Herby Bosses Up w/ Make Up Line

Qveen Herby is a reborn solo artist, after years of success as one-half of Karmin. The musical duo comprised of her and her now husband was signed to Epic Records, but real name Amy Noonan is excited now more than ever to go full-fledged with her solo artistry.

With a sound crossing the genres of contemporary pop and hip-hop, Qveen Herby has been locked in the studio creating nothing but bangers for her growing fanbase. Most recently, she released her new visual for “Check,” holding fans over until her debut album. Up until now, she’s only released EPs with no titles, just numbers.

King Ice caught up with Qveen Herby to discuss her favorite accessory, which is actually makeup over jewelry.

Qveen Herby

What are your go-to accessories?

I have my own makeup line, which I didn't bring because shit’s sold out. It's annoying, because I thought we were prepared. It's called Qveen with a V, our website is Qveen Studio. Shout out to my team in New York who’s quarantined, still one person packing orders and disinfecting everything. We’re in Boxycharm which is a big subscription box. Now there are hundreds of thousands of people with my lipstick, which is amazing.

When did makeup come in? Was that always a passion too?

That was very much a female empowerment move. I’ve toured a lot as Karmin and before that, I was a freaking wedding singer. The most annoying thing is when there’s makeup all over your face. Because we do a sweaty show, we move and we enjoy ourselves. There’s lipstick on my mic, my mascara’s over here. If I’m going to make some crazy formulas and develop that, let’s offer it in the merch store. It’s not Qveen Herby t-shirts, come get your mugs! Oh, you can wear my face. It’s done really well. Every season, we drop new colors. Every EP, we do an eyeshadow pallet. It looks like a CD.


Qveen Herby


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