Arctic Watch Winter '20 Lookbook

Arctic Watch Winter '20 Lookbook

Watches communicate so much about you without saying anything at all. They often symbolize the change and transitions from past to future, from one vision to another, and a person's growth from boy to man. The watch you wear represents the point of your life that you are in, your symbolic change in time. From the moon, into the future.

Our new collection of King Ice Arctic watches features three carefully crafted styles and two timeless colorways of 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. The Arctic I is the perfect "Plain Jane" that is sleek, to the point, and subtle in design. The Arctic II is smooth, cunning, and casually lets them know “he’s here.” The Arctic III is electrifying and leaves no doubt in their minds who is the alpha in the room - for the man with style.

Casey Lewis
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