Armani Caesar Reps Her Buffalo Kids Chain

Armani Caesar Reps Her Buffalo Kids Chain

Armani Caesar is the first lady of Griselda Records, which speaks volumes in itself. If you know Griselda, you know they can rap their asses off. Growing up in Buffalo, New York, raised in a single-parent household, the rising star takes nothing for granted. Getting it out the mud, music has always been her safe haven.

Linking with Westside Gunn and the Griselda crew would open up doors she could never imagine. Now, she keeps the momentum going releasing her own single titled “Simply Done” featuring Benny The Butcher. Fans can’t wait until the release of her forthcoming project, The Liz.

King Ice caught up with Armani in downtown Los Angeles to discuss her fire Buffalo Kids chain.

I see your iced out chain, what does it say?

716, Buffalo Kids. This is my introductory chain, like the Roc-A-Fella chain for Griselda. [laughs] We Buffalo Kids. Buffalo’s a great place to be from, it's a different kind of training you get there. A different vibe, you grow up to be tough, street smart, hustlers. I’m proud of that so I rock that all the time.

How many people got the Buffalo Kids chain?

I mean, everybody that’s part of the gang. [laughs] Buffalo Kids is really to make sure we out here because for so long Buffalo was so slept-on. I even was talking to somebody, they said Keyz who did the “WAP” beat is from Buffalo. We out here, Buffalo’s really turning up.

You don’t live there anymore, right?

I’m in Charlotte now. One thing about Buffalo, they don't have to deal with all those catastrophes. We get snow and that's it. We don't have to deal with no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no tornados.

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