Brooklyn Love Explains Her Butterfly Chain

Brooklyn Love Explains Her Butterfly Chain

Brooklyn Love is signed to Yung Bleu’s Vandross Music Group, so you know she’s about to be a problem. The Alabama rapper has created a name for himself in the rap game, quickly approaching a billion streams total. Now, he pushes his own imprint called Vandross Music Group, with Brooklyn being the first lady.

The two recently collaborated on his new single “Don’t Wanna Lose,” with Brooklyn effortlessly blessing the hook. Most recently, she unleashed her own visual for “Honey,” proving she’s a triple threat: singing, dancing, and entertaining the masses.

King Ice caught up with Brooklyn Love in the Hollywood Hills to discuss her fire butterfly chain, which isn’t even her favorite piece to date.

Talk about your bomb ass butterfly chain. 

I can’t remember when I got this, but I know it was 2019. I got it as a gift. I love butterflies because they represent growth and transformation into something way better. That’s why I wear it everyday, because I want to be better everyday. 

Is that your favorite piece?

Actually no, my favorite piece is my Buddhist chain. It’s green. I’m not Buddhist but I love the chain because it’s so vibrant and green’s my favorite color. I like vintage-looking stuff too, so that’s why I like it. My boo at the time got me the chain.

Are we waiting on the Blee Vandross chain?
Yes, that should be here soon. It should say my name on it, iced out. Also a Vandross Music Group chain, I know I’m getting that one. 

Do you like gold or silver?

Actually, I like both. I wear a lot of silver but I just ordered two gold chains, because the Buddhist chain is gold. I need this chain in gold, and this chain to match. My rings are all silver.

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