B-Real Reveals Who Had The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Chain

B-Real Reveals Who Had The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Chain

Photo Credit: Dr GreenThumb

deserves all his flowers while he’s here. The Los Angeles native got his start as one of the leading rappers in Latino American rap group Cypress Hill, who received a rare star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After touring the world with his bandmates, he’d go on to form rap rock supergroup Prophets of Rage, alongside members of Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy.

Photo Credit: Dr GreenThumbs

Recently celebrating his 50th birthday, B-Real can’t be stopped. Most recently, he put out a project titled Los Meros with Berner (translates to “the bosses”), and continues to pave the way as a strong advocate for marijuana. His Dr. Greenthumb dispensary has since expanded to 6 locations, while his media company B-Real TV continues to thrive.

King Ice caught up with B-Real via Zoom to discuss who he thinks had the most iconic hip-hop chain to this day.

In your opinion, which hip-hop label had the most iconic chain?

Oh man, that’s a hard one. Fuck. The most iconic chain? That’s hard to say. Probably Death Row.

Why do you like them?

They came at the time where labels were going really heavy on that, representing their brand and making it a clique thing. Bad Boy too, their shit was tight too.

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