Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz are here to become the greatest rap group in hip-hop history. Hailing from Memphis, the FCB consist of neighborhood friends C-Money, TP Stacks, Money, and C Jizzle. The crazy part is all 4 of them came up with famed producer Tay Keith, recording tracks in the closet before he blew up.

With each member coming out the trenches and making a life for themselves through music, FCB are on the brink of breaking through to the mainstream. Now, they release their highly-anticipated joint tape with Tay Keith titled F*ck the Cash Up. The project is spearheaded by lead single “Bad Habits,” co-produced by Murda Beatz. 

King Ice caught up with the Fast Cash Boyz who was recording a music video in Los Angeles during quarantine.  The only person who wasn’t rocking his FCB chain was Money, who accidentally left it back home in Memphis.

I like those FCB chains, how much were they?

All: A lot!

C Jizzle: A pretty penny. It looks different too.

Where’s yours at? [to Money]

Money: I fucked up, I left it back home in Memphis by mistake. It’s wild.

C Jizzle: It’s all good, all this shit ain’t nothing but a plus.

C Money: We make the chains, the chains don’t make us. It doesn’t mean anything. This jewelry shit comes with the rap game. We were doing this when we had no chains! We had a million views with no chains.

You guys have bottles on bottles.

C Money: Bel Air sponsors us! Appreciate that Bel Air.

C Jizzle: We drink liquor, that’s what we like. Liquor and beats.


Shirley Ju
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