Philthy Rich: Jim Jones Told Me He Lost A $60,000 Bracelet!

Philthy Rich: Jim Jones Told Me He Lost A $60,000 Bracelet!

Philthy Rich is a boss tycoon, no matter which way you look at it. Coming out of East Oakland, the rapper, CEO, and father is a Bay Area legend. With over a decade in the game and over 50 projects, real name Phillip Beasley doesn’t just say he’s the hardest-working man in the music industry, he proves it through his actions.

Most recently, he unleashes his new project titled Big 59, named after his hood in Oakland.  King Ice caught up with Philthy to discuss his perspective on chains and why he tried to stop wearing them for 6 months.

On “Big 59,” you said you tried not to wear jewelry for 6 months. Why is that? 

You get tired of anything if you have it too much, I was trying to focus on different stuff. Buying jewelry is addictive. It’s all the way addictive, it’s like a drug — to the point where I want something else for every outfit. “I wore this chain too many times. I took too many pictures in this.” That’s how it be sometimes. Then I was on the road one time, I had this one Jesus piece on. That’s all I was wearing. I’m like “nah, I don’t even feel like wearing this.” 

I hear stories... say you on the road and you had a girl come over. You undress her, you took your jewelry and put it somewhere. You got a flight at 4 in the morning. You kicked her out, ya’ll got into an argument or something. Or you went to sleep late and you got that flight leaving at 4, you forgot you hid the jewelry from the girl. You get up and done left out the room, on the flight back somewhere else and you forgot. 

This sounds like a true story!

No, I’m just saying. You have to use scenarios. That’s never happened to me but what if it would’ve happened? Because you got on too much. My boy Jim Jones, he told me one day he lost a $60,000 bracelet up in the dresser, they’re saying they didn’t find it. He kept calling and but they ain’t find it, he had already left. People see something like that, they ain’t giving that back.

Did you really go 6 months without wearing anything? 

Nuh uh, I tried. Because I had to do shows, it’s a lose-lose situation. If I go do a show right now and I ain’t got no chain on: “he got robbed or he broke.” That’s how they gon’ look at it. [chuckles] It’s to the point if I go to Detroit and take a picture with no chain, they gon’ say “he’s  scared! He in Detroit, ain’t got no chain on.” In LA, it don’t matter where, that’s just how they attack you. I see it all the time. It could be a picture I just threw my shirt over my head, they didn’t see the chain or I ain’t pull it out yet. I didn’t even notice it, they’ll be like “look! He out there in Chicago, he ain’t got no chains on though.” I swear, there’s so much hate. It’s crazy. If I had a nose ring with a big ass diamond and I just took a picture on the toilet and I took it out, “he ain’t got that nose ring, so he went broke. The diamond was too big” [imitates girl voice]. 

I know some people that hide their chain.

What’s the point of wearing it?

What’s the most expensive jewelry you’ve ever purchased?

My rose gold FOD chain from Ben Baller, with the Kilo Cuban in the bracelet. Spent like $250K on it, the piece is Kilo and the chain’s Kilo.

King Ice Cuban Chains

Where’s it at?

I ain’t got on me, shit’s put up. I can’t wear that shit all day, your neck would be on the ground. We were in Miami passing that motherfucker around, like “bro it’s yo turn, yo turn, yo turn.” Walking up Collins and Oceans, back and forth to the hotel man. 2 kilos? You couldn’t wear 2 kilos around your neck for an hour. I’m telling you, you gon’ be hurt. You can kill somebody if you hit them with that.

What record label had the most iconic chain in your opinion?

To me, that big ass T-Pain chain he had. It was the biggest chain in the Guinness Book of World records, it was hella big. Ross had a dope ass chain with his face before everybody started doing that. 



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