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Big Havi: I Could Take This $#!@ Off And Still Be The Same Me

It’s not everyday you see a Presidential Rollie on someone’s wrist, especially if you’re a kid. But 20-year-old Big Havi proves it’s not only possible, but unimportant. When asked about his ice, the East Atlanta rapper makes it a point to take off all his jewelry: his Commission Records chain and glistening, all-diamond $100K watch to match.

The message was clear: Havi would much rather have people see his inner soul, than the materialistic things that society fools us into praising. Aside from the success of his viral single “9 Times Out Of 10” (which received an explosive remix from Lil Baby), Havi recently released his debut EP titled Personal Problems. The 8-track project is a combination of the real and the turn up.

King Ice caught up with Havi moments after he shut down the stage at The Novo in Los Angeles, opening for Lil Tjay.

Can you talk about your drip real quick, I see you got on the ice.

I don't like talking about drip. This is for myself. I'm not flashy.

What is that?

It's a Rolex. I got it a couple days ago. 

Why don’t you like talking about your drip?

Because it doesn't make me or break me. I could take this shit off and still be the same me. Matter of fact... [takes off jewelry]. For real. This is pointless. I want to talk about me. 

Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist?

No. I was actually going to take this off before I went on stage, but then I’m like “fuck it, I want to wear my shit.” But this ain’t everyday shit. I could throw this shit away and it won’t hurt me.



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