Sir Michael Rocks:  I’d Rather Have Pieces That Are Universal

Sir Michael Rocks: I’d Rather Have Pieces That Are Universal

Sir Michael Rocks is far more than just a member of The Cool Kids, he’s a fashion icon! The Chicago native came up as one-half of the rap duo, but he’s never hesitated in expressing himself through his clothes and style. Whether it was a snapback, baggy jeans, or gold accessories, the “Black Mags” rapper always remained dripped out.

Fast forward, Mikey Rocks has found his way to the film world, alongside Chuck as well. In fact, fans can look forward to a whole show dedicated to Mikey on Twitch. In today’s society of social media and streaming, Mikey is clearly staying ahead of the curve.

King Ice caught up with Mikey to discuss the importance of jewelry and chains.

How would you describe you style as it relates to jewelry?

Damn, I’m not that interested in jewelry right now to be honest. I like certain types of chain links, those interest me. Certain types of Italian box links. I don’t really like diamonds, that’s a scam. I’m not supporting that shit anymore, I’m good on that. I like the other stones that are actually rare and cool. Opals and shit.

Are you spiritual?

Yeah, I’d say so. I like the other gems and stones that are actually worth something and do shit, besides the usual diamond and whatever else the rare stones are that they charge you all the money for. As far as chain or watch goes, I don’t really care that much right now. I like quality shit, things that don’t get aged. Things that don’t go out of style. I’d rather have pieces that are universal, that I could rock at a wedding or I could go to the beach with it too. I hate being at a weird place where I got on a big ass chain and it’s uncomfortable and weird. It’s like you’re not supposed to have that on here.

Do you feel like as an artist you have to wear that though?

Not at all. I’m a situational type of person. I do things for the situation and the event. But sometimes as a rapper, they’re like “you have to wear your big ass AK-47 chain at your grandma’s funeral. You have to wear it at the court dates. You have to go to pick up your kindergarten daughter at school, you have to go hoop with it on.” What the fuck? I hate when I see rappers in these nice little tuxes at these award shows, then you got on your big ass, regular ass chain over the tux. Get a nice little diamond tennis chain that goes with your suit. 



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