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B.o.B. Says His Third Eye Is His Most Prized Possession

Photo Credit: Chad Lawson

B.o.B. is still making music and living his best life. His catalog of hits are endless, collaborating with all of the greats from pop to hip-hop to R&B. Born and raised in Atlanta, real name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. has toured the world and back, performing songs like “Nothin’ On You,” “Airplanes,” “Magic,” “HeadBand,” and more.

But nothing beats out that one time he came out with the conspiracy theory that the world is flat. Fast forward to 2020, nothing has changed. King Ice asked B.o.B. the most expensive piece of jewelry he owns, and his answer explains it all.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own? 

My third eye, it's in here. [points to head] 

That was a deep ass answer!

That's what we do here. [laughs] I dedicated my wholeInstagram page to being a spiritual website. It’s not for everybody, some people. Now it’s a thing, everybody’s on Instagram doing yoga. 

Are you still super spiritual? 

I mean, I’m enlightened.

Do you meditate everyday?

I meditate every second. 

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