Michael Rainey Jr. Bought Himself A $20K Rollie

Michael Rainey Jr. Bought Himself A $20K Rollie

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Starz

If you’ve seen 50 Cent’s hit show on Starz, Power, you probably know who Michael Rainey Jr. is. Not only does he play Ghost’s son, Tariqu, but he kills his role. Having gone through 6 seasons of Power, which is actually crazy because nobody’s safe on the show, he finally takes the lead as the star of POWER BOOK II: GHOST

The reality is, he’s actually been acting far before this show even started. King Ice caught up with Michael via Zoom, who was proudly rocking a shiny Rollie on his wrist.

Is that a Rollie on your wrist?

Yup, a Rolex. [shows wrist]

How much was that guy?

$20,000 but I got a good deal because I bought another piece of jewelry. They gave this to me for like $17,000.

What this a celebration or you just gifted yourself?

Nah definitely a celebration, I wouldn’t buy this for no reason. [laughs] The show was close to airing so I might as well go treat myself. My mom saw it, she’s like “oh my God, you got it. You didn’t even tell me you were going to get it!” Right now, she’s in Jamaica. Usually before I go make a big purchase, I tell her “I’m about to go buy this. If you see my bank account statement looking a little crazy, this is why.” [laughs] I had to treat myself.

Do you use it to tell time?

I don’t use my watch for the time, I use my watch for the shine. [laughs]



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