Bobby Fishscale is about to be a huge problem in the rap game, if he isn’t already. Embodying the true definition of a trapper turned rapper, the Quincy, Florida recording artist has completely changed his life for the better, turning his pain into street anthems for the people. Currently signed to Jay Z’s Roc nation label, Bobby continues to feed his fans with only the hardest trap bangers.

Most recently, Bobby returned with his standout mixtape titled Da Relapse, spearheaded by lead single “He Hard.” In addition, he drops off the official music video for “Dark Place,” which was shot outside an actual dope house in Miami.

King Ice caught up with Bobby via Instagram Live, who was posted in his car in Miami. Read below as we discuss his iced out chains and buss down watch, even proceeding to floss his permanent diamond teeth.

Talk about your drip, I see you’re shining.

I like shopping with black brands. This chain says Fishy. I had a Big Fish, but I lost it. I got some more. It's a long story but somebody stole it really. Shout out to the watch, it's a 41 Rollie with the Fishscale face. You see that big face? That's the Fish Scale face.

How much does that guy go for?

It was $30K before I put the Fishscale head on it. Now it's probably $40K. You see it's buss down on the side too. If they not buss down on the side, they cap.

When did you get the Rollie? What was the occasion?

Spending $100 bands in a week. I spent $50K on chains. I spent $30K on teeth. I spent whatever on this.

Do you have a permanent grill?

Yeah, as permanent as they gon’ get. I'm the real deal.



March 09, 2021 — Shirley Ju
Tags: News