YFN Lucci is one of the OGs in the rap game, paving the way for the Atlanta trap sound to thrive for generations on end. With his undeniable singing and rapping ability, the Think It’s A Game Records rapper is proud to be a voice for the streets, creating heartfelt, personal, vulnerable records for his very dedicated fanbase.

With hit singles such as “Key to the Streets” and “Everyday We Lit,” Lucci has not slowed his roll in the slightest. Most recently, he unleashes the third installment to his Wish Me Well series, this time titling it Me Against The World.

King Ice caught up with YFN Lucci via Zoom, chatting about his line in “Part II” where he raps about his 10 chains. Read below where we discuss when he rocks his plain jane!


Where are your 10 chains at?

Really in the house. Right now, I got this one Cuban and this one diamond. That shit’s like a $50K, $60K ball. 

Both are $50K each?

Nah, probably together $60K. 

When do you wear them?

My plain jane, I was in the house chillin’. I was playing the game actually. 

What game?

I was playing Call of Duty on the PS5. 

Do you play with your fans?

Yeah, all the time. Hell yeah. 



March 16, 2021 — Shirley Ju
Tags: News