CADE is not only a musician, but he’s a fashion-lover with his own drip and style. Coming up in the electronic music scene, the singer-songwriter hails from Tampa but has spent the last 5 years in beautiful Los Angeles. Sharing a crib in the hills with Trevor from Cheat Codes, CADE 

What’re some of your favorite brands? 

Honestly, Louis is my shit. I like Louis Vuitton a lot. Chrome Hearts if you want to call me basic. Prada, I’m all over the board. 

Love the jewelry pieces you have on, what are your preferences?

So I stick to sterling silver, that’s been my shit lately. This is all from UnoDe50, it’s a brand that does silver. They’re really dope. My fashion girl hook this up for me.

Do you have a piece that you wear every day? 

I tend to wear this wolf thing every day. I call myself Young Wolf, it feels good to me. The wolf has always been my spirit animal since day one. Even with the trip I did yesterday going to Joshua Tree, being in the middle of nature, I went by myself. I drove the two hours. I have a jeep so I cruise down the dirt roads. It was great. Kicked back, drank some beers, smoked some weed, got creative.

November 06, 2020 — Shirley Ju
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