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Arizona Zervas Loves Jewelry, but not too much

Arizona Zervas became an instant favorite with the release of his viral single, “Roxanne.” The record has since blown up tremendously on streams platforms, TikTok, and radio airwaves all across the country. The song’s official music video has broke 102 million views and counting, and Zervas couldn’t be more blessed.

Currently signed to Columbia records, the Rhode Island-bred, Maryland-raised musician continues to bless his fans with fire records, proving he’s far from ever being coined a one-hit wonder. King Ice caught up with Zervas at the Kandypens house in the hills to discuss his love for black and go-to jewelry accessories.

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

Simple. I’m not too flashy, but I really like black obviously. That’s the big thing, it’s hard to get me out of anything dark. There’s plenty of other people that are way more flashy than me, I never really focused on it. I have a hard time changing things. Even down to how your house is set up, you have your little vibes. To go away from that, it’s a weird thing about me. The whole aesthetic of my music has always been black and white. I didn’t think about it, it just happened that way. 

Go-to accessories for jewelry? 

This chain, I got a halo too. This is a middle finger. [laughs] It’s for protection, it doesn’t just mean fuck you when it’s down. It was handmade. I have this halo that I used to wear all the time. I’m not too flashy with it, I try to keep it cool. Don’t want anyone to rob me. 

As an artist, do you feel like you have to wear chains? 

I mean, I love jewelry. Me personally, it doesn't fit with my vibe. I can have some bling bling on, but not all the time. It is what it is. If it’s blingy too much, it seems like too much of a statement sometimes. It could be OD for me. I’m collecting, just slow.

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