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Enimal Received an AP from his Brother as a Gift

Enimal is here to put on for Los Angeles, through and through. Beyond being Issa Rae’s blood brother, he’s a rapper, producer, engineer, actor, and overall entertainer and fly guy putting on for his roots in the city of Angels. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, the “Zig Zag” artist actually taught DJ Mustard how to use Reason back in the day — an unforgettable moment given Mustard’s ascension in the music industry.

Now, Enimeezy is locked in the studio crafting up endless bangers for his growing fanbase. Most recently, he released his Locked In EP, 7 records for each day of the week. King Ice caught up with Enimal in downtown Los Angeles, who was dripped out in Cartier frames, an Indiana Pacers NBA jersey, and all-white Puma kicks.

I see your shades, I feel like every rapper is on the Cartiers.

You gotta be, you gotta have your Cartier frames.  

Are they prescription?

Hell nah, I can see just fine. [laughs] These were $700. I had some other ones that were $1200. 

Where do you get them at?

Neiman Marcus or fucking Macy's. I look all sophisticated like I handle my shit. 

Any other go-to accessories for jewelry?

My Apple Watch, I put different bands on this. I got this on Amazon for $5 bucks, but it looks like it’s a lot more. [laughs] I got a bunch of different bands. My other favorite accessory is the AP I got as a gift from my ballin’ ass brother. He’s Senior VP at Morgan Stanley, the financial firm. 

Damn Senior VP, that’s high!

That motherfucker is a boss, I tell you what. It was for my mom's wedding. He said “I got you something for your next video,” I’m like “oh shit!”

Is that your favorite brother? 

I love them all the same, but he’s trying to boost his standing up for sure. He got me iced out, I’m able to talk about more rapping shit now. I got my bricks up. [laughs]

When do you wear the AP?

Shit, occasions really. Of course, every video shoot. Every photo shoot. When I need to look like a bajillion dollars, I put that on.

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