Q Da Fool Flexes His Cartier Watch

Q Da Fool Flexes His Cartier Watch

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Q Da Fool is here to put on for the DMV, the best way he can. Coming up in Maryland and falling victim to his environment, the 23-year-old has been incarcerated several times, with this last it finally resonating with his life and career. His music is raw, authentic, honest, and motivating to all those who hear it. 

Most recently, the Roc Nation signee released his new single titled “Frozen,” holding fans over until his forthcoming debut titled Dope Onna Soon. King Ice caught up with Q via FaceTime to discuss his expensive Cartier watch. 

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

My watch, it’s a Cartier watch. Bling blaow! $30K, that’s nothing though. I was supposed to spend that on land. 

What about your chains?

Shit, they up there. $25K for this one, my other one’s $30K. I’ve got a Cuban. I’ve got some lil shit. I don’t really be posting that shit though, those are my trophies. 

Do you use your Cartier watch to tell time?

Hell nah. [laughs] That shit be difficult. I’d rather just look on my iPhone, alright bet. 

You got Cartier shades too?

Mmhmm. I had 3, but I lost them. I lost them at a video shoot, on some crazy shit. 



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