Fat Meech Reveals His Favorite Chain

Fat Meech Reveals His Favorite Chain

Fat Meech views music as a coping mechanism, an opportunity to tell his stories of growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Creating his own lane of melodic hip-hop, real name Demitri Williams sees the studio as an outlet to deal with his trauma, putting his heart and soul into his lyrics.

Most recently, he released “Brothers 2,” the sequel to his viral single “Brothers.” With each release, he proves himself even further on why he belongs in the rap game. King Ice caught up with Fat Meech in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his jewelry preferences.


How would you define your style as it relates to jewelry?

Cuban links. I love Cuban links, I got some on right now. I got a custom piece made by Custom Clarity, they’re in the jewelry district down here. I got this one for my grandpa when he passed on October 15, 2019, so recently.

Fat Meech Chain


Were you guys close?

Super. I like Cubans and I like rope chains. I have to get me some rope chains. But the solid ones, these new ones are hollow. I don’t like hollow jewelry. I can’t do it.

Do you feel like as an artist you have to wear jewelry?

Not really, because there’s plenty of artists who pop out and don’t wear nothing. They just hoodied up with bars. It’s not even a testament to the music thing, to me it’s a hustling thing. Where I’m from, all your jewelry is a trophy.  If you got a big ol’ chain on, “he does something. What does he do?” It’s always a question. That n*gga got money, what he on? That’s my thing.


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