OSBS Discuss Their Jewelry Experiences

OSBS Discuss Their Jewelry Experiences

OSBS is here to put on for South Central Los Angeles, two street dudes who’ve made the conscious decision to pursue rap to make it in this lifetime. Comprised of D5 and Smokeone, the dynamic duo is bringing that same hustle in the streets to the studio, unleashing bangers for their ever growing fanbase.

The two hail from the Rolling 60’s, the same neighborhood as Nipsey Hussle. Most recently, they unleashed their new project titled Parental Advisory, with features from Lil Baby and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. King Ice caught up with D5 and Smokeone to discuss chain-snatching culture and losing jewelry themselves.

What are your thoughts on chain-snatching culture in Los Angeles?

Smokeone: Blueface said the other day when you come to LA, you better call the right n*ggas. It’s fucked up that he said that, but it’s true. If you’re a rapper in LA, you’re a target no matter what. You have to make sure you have people that have your back, or else you’re going to end up like Pop Smoke. Because he probably didn’t tap in. He should’ve had people there. As a rapper, you have to especially in LA. It’s fucked up how it works. 

D5: They won’t try certain people when they know they’re attached to certain situations.

Smokeone: But when they see you as up for grabs, they’re going to come after you. 

D5: Say if they know this dude attached to the 60’s or the Piru’s, they know it’s a greater chance something will happen to you if you do something. The streets talk so they’re going to find right out who the problem is. Most people won’t want that situation with the higher level people. 

Smokeone: Pop Smoke came out here, he ended up being a target which is really fucked up. It’s fucked up but it’s so many thirsty people that you have to protect yourself. It's that simple. There’s 1,000 people watching your Instagram story like “oh yeah, he’s here, going over here.” They don’t have nothing. They see you coming to their city...

D5:  One of my spots got hit because of Instagram.

Smokeone: People who knew where he lived came in through his window, took his chain and his Rolex. He’s somebody. Imagine if you’re a nobody coming to LA and you’re posting on Instagram flexing with $200,000, he’s still trying to pay his rent. He has his baby mama on his head every day, these n*ggas is thirsty. They’re going to come and get you. 

Were there cameras? Did you get it back? 

Smokeone: It’s a loss. They came in through the back window. 

D5: The chain was $15K, my watch was $12K. So $25K loss. 

What chain was It?

D5: It was a diamond thing from Icebox in Atlanta. 

How did you bounce back from that? 

D5: I didn’t. [chuckles] 

Smokeone: This happened a week ago, he’s still mad. [laughs] We have to laugh about it. At the end of the day, he’s alive and his kids weren’t home. He’s okay. What can we do but laugh about it? 6 years ago, we would’ve been on the other end of that. I lost jewelry on tour. I had a wristband from Icebox, lost it on stage. It flew off on the Wiz Khalifa Tour. I had a ring from Icebox. The one time I jumped into the crowd, they pulled my fucking ring off. I never did it again. I was so salty, I can’t even look at a nice ass ring and not feel some type of way. 

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