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Harv: My Jewelry’s Modest. I Don’t Like Diamonds

Harv has been Justin Bieber’s music director for over a decade. Growing up in the small town of Kansas City, music was always a part of the household. Hailing from a musical family, Harv’s musical talents are innate within him.

Fast forward to 2020, real name Bernard Harvey would travel all across the globe with Bieber, making sure all his shows, sets, and members of the band are on point at any given second. Beyond that, he’s an incredible producer, composer, songwriter… and plays a slew of instruments.

In fact, Harv is the man behind the guitar and keys on Gucci’s greatest song: “Lemonade.” King Ice caught up with Harv to discuss his jewelry preferences, and why he doesn’t care for diamonds.

How would you describe your jewelry?
My jewelry’s modest. I don’t like diamonds. I’ll get a nice piece that you know it’s nice, but you have to really know jewelry to know it’s nice. Somebody across the street will see it and think it’s just a regular watch, but it’s a Rolex or it’s Gucci. It’s modest flashy. 

What’s on your wrist?

I got a Rolex on my wrist. I don’t know what kind it is, but I know it’s an Oyster band.


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