Whipped Cream Reveals Her Favorite Jewelry Peices

Whipped Cream Reveals Her Favorite Jewelry Peices

Whipped Cream is manifesting her dreams on the daily. The Canadian producer and DJ is an inspiration for aspiring females all across the world, proving you can make your dreams come true through hard work, passion, and resilience. 

Last year, real name Caroline Cecil made her debut at Ultra Music Festival, and this year she’s planning to take over the desert at Coachella. In addition, she had a standout placement on the Birds of Prey soundtrack, collaborating with Baby Goth on “So Thick.”  

King Ice caught up with Whipped Cream in Los Angeles who was rocking stylish tie-dye overalls, with jewelry to match. 


Can you tell me about your jewelry preferences?

I usually wear a watch and rings. I love rings. I usually have more piercings, but they’ve grown over. After having tonsil surgery, I lost one of my titty rings. [chuckles] I lost my other nose ring, and my belly button ring. They all grew over so quickly! I had my tonsils removed, they’re only out for one week. I’ve had my fucking nose piercing for 6 years and they grew over in one week. 

Whipped Cream Jewelry

Your Babygirl necklace is super cute. Is that gold or silver?

Thank you! I’m wearing silver right now, but I personally like to wear gold more. 

Whipped Cream BabyGirl Chain 



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