Ice Prince is paving the way for African artists all around the world. His name derives directly from all the bling bling he used to wear, specifically blinged-out Ruff Ryder dog tags when he was younger. His origin lies in Jos, the coldest place in Nigeria, and he’s just as cold with the music. 

Priding himself in making Afrobeats, hip-hop music, a mixture of pure African melodies, instrumentations, and stories, he’s here to make sure Afrobeats becomes the biggest genre on a global level. Most recently he unleashed his newest visual for “Kolo,” providing nothing but good vibrations as we come out of this COVID-19 pandemic. 

King Ice caught up with Ice Prince via Instagram Live to discuss how his stance on jewelry now, and whether or not he likes gold or silver. 

Do you wear a lot of jewelry now?

Once in a while you might catch me with an icy neck, but I’m not too heavy on it like that. [laughs] I try to keep it icy. 

What’s your favorite chain that you own?

I like Cubans. I think Cubans are very masculine, very boss. 

Do you like gold or silver?

Silver, I guess it shines better. Gold is a little bit too loud sometimes. Gold can be too loud. 



June 15, 2021 — Shirley Ju
Tags: News