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If you love good music, you love Justine Skye. While she’s always been a music-lover her entire life, the Brooklyn, New York native has faced her own obstacles within the music industry, signing to Atlantic Records at the young age of 19 and became confined to executives who more or less had control over her music career.

But now, she stands tall as she finds herself throughout her newfound independence. The recording artist, model, and actress recently released her new single titled “Intruded,” produced by the legendary Timbaland. Additionally, she partnered with fashion brand Garage for their Play Loud, Stay You campaign, encouraging audiences to stay true to themselves while fusing fashion and music into one.

King Ice caught up with Justine Skye via Zoom to discuss her love for white gold, and he go-to bracelet and diamond choker.

Go-to jewelry accessories?

Well there was a point in time where I was a studs girl, now I'm into hoops more. My earrings are my daily thing. I don't change that much, ever. My bracelets I guess too. This one doesn't go anywhere ever. 

What is it? 

It's a diamond bracelet. Then my chains. This chain doesn't go anywhere ever really either. It’s a diamond choker necklace I got as a gift for my birthday. 

Do you like gold or silver? Gold I'm guessing. 

I'm a yellow gold type of girl, but I feel like this album has so many hints of white gold. I'm trying to see how I feel about transferring over into that world. It's pretty difficult being the fact that everything they have is yellow gold. White gold is more silvery.



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