When it comes to rising stars out of Africa, you can’t have a conversation without mentioning Joeboy. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, the afropop and R&B recording artist is here to spread good vibes and positive energy through all facets of his artistry. With songs like “Baby” and “Nobody” featuring Mr. Eazi, Joeboy continues to feed his growing fanbase with hit after hit.

With the words “young legend” tattooed on his wrist, Joeboy is excited as ever to release his full-length debut album titled Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic. Thanks to Nigerian pop star Mr. Eazi who took Joeboy under his wings, the project arrives with no features — nothing but Joeboy.

King Ice caught up with Joeboy via Instagram Live, to discuss his favorite type of jewelry and why he doesn’t have a Joeboy chain.

What are your go-to accessories for jewelry?

I have somebody who gets me stuff. My mom really likes gold, she gets gold for me. She loves white gold, I love white gold. 


Do you have a Joeboy chain?

I don't have a Joeboy chain yet, I think that’s too loud. [laughs] I’ll do that at some point, but I don't have a Joeboy chain. I have a chain with letters, but not Joeboy. I really don’t want to be recognized, that's why I'm wearing a mask. I go to the mall, I’m wearing a mask. If I'm wearing a chain that says Joeboy, somebody will recognize me.



Shirley Ju
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