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Kranium is here to spread his Jamaican roots to the rest of the world. Hailing from Montego Bay and growing up in Jamaica, Queens, New York, the reggae and dancehall recording artist has established his place in the music industry, creating timeless hits for audiences all around the world.

His biggest song to date, “Gal Policy,” hails over 22 million views on Youtube alone off a lyric video, gave him the nickname Melody Gad, which he wears proudly around his neck. When it comes to his music, he’s directly inspired and influenced by all the beautiful women — admitting that when he has great sex, he makes the best records.

Now, Kranium releases his newest visual for “Block Traffic,” holding fans over until the release of his forthcoming EP titled Toxic. King Ice caught up with Kranium via Instagram Live to discuss his chain around his neck, and why he doesn’t rock fake diamonds.

I see your chain, what does it say? 

It says Melody Gad. 

How much is that guy?

Does it look expensive? It’s real diamonds, I don’t get fake diamonds. I have a diamond tester, but I forgot it. I left it, I didn’t walk out with it. When I purchased it, I had to make sure I purchased a diamond tester so I’m not one of these guys that walk around and people say it’s fake. I always make sure, you never trust the jeweler until it’s done completely. I had to make sure I had my own testing. 

How many chains do you have?

Enough. [laughs] I have a lot of chains. I have a chain that’s straight gold, I have a chain that connects and extends. That’s pretty much it.



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