Juicy J is a legend in the rap game, no matter which way you look at it. From the nostalgic Three 6 Mafia days to his endless catalog of hits to now more recently producing Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer,” the Memphis native has not let up in the slightest. In fact, he’s even the most sampled producer in 2020.

Beyond the music, Juicy is one hell of a businessman. His investments range from real estate to cannabis, including Asteriks with Gary Vee), Robinhood, Core Water, ZenWTR, Epic Games/Fortnite, and even the Keurig company. On that note, Juicy’s been rocking the flashy jewelry and expensive cars, especially back in the 90’s at the peak of his career.

King Ice caught up with Juicy J via Zoom to discuss his iconic $100K watch that he obtained back in the day, when jewelry wasn’t even popularized the way it is now.

You said you have so much jewelry that sometimes you don't even wear it. Favorite piece you own?

I have this Platinum diamond watch, it’s a $100,000 watch. I bought it in the 90’s and it’s still good. I still wear it sometimes in videos. It’s an accomplishment when I bought it back in the 90’s because nobody’s walking around with a $100,000 watch on. It was very rare that people had those kinds of watches on. Cash Money had those watches, Jay-Z, but everybody didn’t have a $100K watch on in the 90’s. 

For me, I came from nothing. That was an accomplishment to me: have a nice watch and nice house. At the end of the day honestly, I was a young cat then. Hanging out with family and friends is more important. But that’s how I was back in the day, I was 21 and 22 with an expensive watch riding around in a Bentley. Coming straight from the hood to a businessman. 

What kind of watch was it?

It’s a Rolex. 

Do you remember the occasion you got it for?

I think our album went Platinum. I went and got a $100K watch, fuck it. [laughs] From Memphis, Tennessee, I came from nothing. 6 people in a 2-bedroom apartment to riding around in paid for cars, jewelry, had my own studio, my own record label, my own promotion company. Owning my masters back in the day.



March 02, 2021 — Shirley Ju
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