Simone is one of the funniest, most talented human beings of our generation. Boasting 5.1 million followers on Instagram, the Dallas, Texas native has done and been through it all. Creating a name for herself with her high-pitched, “baby girl!” catchphrase, B is a role model to aspiring females all around the world that they too can follow their dreams and make whatever it is they wish to come true happen.

If there’s one thing about B, it’s the fact that she’s the Manifest Queen. Most recently, she teamed up with Footaction on her new collection titled Babygirl, combining cute, casual, and comfortable into one.

King Ice caught up with B. Simone via Zoom, who was in high spirits posted in Atlanta. Read below as we discuss her favorite Cuban, and her reaction when asked about its worth.

What are some jewelry accessories you can’t leave the house without?

Definitely my earrings, I always have studs in because I have 4 ear holes. I love them. I used to have gauges so mine are a little stretched still. My earrings, my Cuban. I love my little Cuban necklace, I take it everywhere. It goes with the casual stuff and if I want to dress up and wear a sexy dress, I can wear it. Then my ankle bracelet, I always wear an ankle bracelet.

How much is your Cuban?

[laughs] Girl, I ain’t even going to say it. My manager would kill me. Let’s say I have a house on my neck. A cheap house, but a house.

Do you like silver over gold?

I do. I wear gold a little bit, we have the Babygirl necklaces and the Manifest Queen necklaces on my website now. It has a beautiful Swarovski crystal, it’s stainless steel and silver so you can wear it in water. Great quality, but I usually go for the silver because it looks more icy to me. Bling bling.

Shirley Ju
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