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K'Ona Lisa: Ahhh You See Me Icy

K’ona Lisa is hungry as hell to make it as the next big female rap superstar. Happily married to her husband for 7 years with 4 beautiful daughters, the newest artist signed to 1501 Ent is raw, fierce, passionate, and determined to work her way to the very top.

Of course, being tied to Crawford comes with its own assumptions that she might be the new Megan Thee Stallion. The former MLB player turned label CEO is best known for discovering Meg in Houston, far before all the attention and fame. 

But K’ona respects Meg greatly, she’s adamant to shut down any comparisons to the Houston Hottie. King Ice travelled all the way to Houston, Texas for K’ona’s private listening party for her forthcoming project titled HERE. Lead singles “Meow” and “Lit Lit” are currently holding fans over.

Let’s talk about your jewelry and your iced out 1501 chain!

 I was excited about this chain. I got this chain on my birthday. 


From Carl?

Yup, a birthday gift from Carl. That was lit. Because I had signed maybe 2 weeks prior, so it was all in all a good birthday gift that I signed two weeks before my birthday. Then I got this chain a day after my birthday, so I was lit. 

K'Ona Lisa 1501 Records Chain 


Your wrists are shining too.

Just a little ice. Nothing too much. A little drip going on, a little Gucci. Just slight, I don’t like to brag. [chuckles]


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