Tammy Rivera's 5 karat Ring💎, What The Flocka!

Tammy Rivera's 5 karat Ring💎, What The Flocka!

Tammy Rivera is far more than just Waka Flocka Flame’s wife. While the hip-hop couple have been happily married for six years, together for 10, they now parent teenage daughter Charlie while showcasing their relationship for the world to see. After the success of Love & Hip Hop, Tammy and Waka return to announce their new show on WETV titled Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka.

In addition to reality television, Tammy has been locked in the studio perfecting her album Conversations, slated to arrive on April 16th. She’s also fully invested in her own swimwear line titled T. Rivera. 

King Ice caught up with Tammy ahead of the WETV premiere to discuss the beautiful wedding ring on her hand, from her beloved husband Waka.

Tammy Rivera with King Ice

That rock is huge. How much is that wedding ring?

We didn’t have rings, we had tattoos to start. When we renewed our vows, this is my first ring my husband gave me. He actually gave my daughter one too, he gave her a smaller version of mine. This one’s 5 karats, she has a 2-karat one.

Tammy Rivera Ring
Credit: Tammy Rivera Instagram @charliesangellls

I like your Chanel necklace also.

Thank you. I love Chanel, I’m a collector.

You style yourself?

I dress myself. It’s just so natural to me. My makeup artist will be like “what are you wearing?” Girl I don’t know, just give me something. [chuckles]

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